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MOOC series

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence series

What is Artificial Intelligence? Why is it considered the most disruptive enabling technology up to at least 2050? Develop your understanding and knowledge of AI and its applications, and explore ethical and legal implications.


Sustainability series

Sustainability is the world’s major challenge of today and tomorrow, and requires multidisciplinary competences. The series provides technical knowledge on sustainable building, renewable energies and food waste reduction.


Introduction to management engineering series

Strategy, Economics, Financial Accounting, Organization, Project and Operations Management are all key fundamentals of Management. Let’s explore this broad world  through an analytical and engineering approach that will provide you with new insights and visions about the future of management.


Introduction to Platform Thinking series

Can platforms become tools for innovation? Over the past two decades, platforms such as Google, Amazon Airbnb, Uber, Tripadvisor transformed the way we look for information, buy goods, travel and move around.
This series of MOOCs focuses on “Platform Thinking” – the ability to think about new services and new business models through platform logic that canof existing businesses, in every industry, even the most traditional ones leverage the resources, expertise, and history .


Fashion and Technology series

What happens when Technology meets Creative Industries? Let’s explore these innovative and interdisciplinary educational modules by the specific perspective of Fashion Industry: business, branding, retail, supply chain, digital models and interactive narratives.


Entrepreneurship series

Entrepreneurship is crucial for the development of innovation and society, and requires specific competences for both entrepreneurs and policy makers, to design and implement effective policies. The series provides knowledge for both.


Technology clusters for the Next Production Revolution in Africa Series

The Next Production Revolution paradigma, as new wave of technological innovation, is a new frontier of development for African countries. This series addresses people from anywhere in the world, from industrialized economies as well as from “developing countries”.


Soft Skills series

Soft skills are actual keys able to open all the doors that stand between you and your professional success. Let’s enhance your ability to manage change, conflicts and team working by developing an inclusive approach.